IT is working in the server room when one of his co-workers points out that the three servers are all running low on available disk space. "He also told me that he had found a lot of bit-map images and JPEGs," IT guy says. So he picks up the phone and calls one of the techies.

Techie: Hello. IT: Uh, listen, I wanted to talk to you over the phone and not send you an e-mail that could be traced. But I would get rid of all bit-map images, movies, anything you would not want your HR to see. Techie (nervously):"What do you mean!? Is there an audit coming up from corporate?" IT: I didn't say that! I would just strongly suggest that you get rid of all questionable material and spread the word quickly. "I then hung up," IT reports. "My co-worker was laughing, but within one hour we had recovered a great deal of our storage space on all three servers."


Talk about high drama. IT arrives at work in the morning to find one very high-strung engineer pacing among the IT cubicles. As soon as she sees IT across the office, engineer bolts up the aisle, screaming, "I need your help, now!" IT listens as the engineer explains she had been working on a presentation until 2am with three weeks of work on it. "When I turned on my computer this morning, I heard a clunk and the screen says 'hard drive error'! I need that file for a presentation at 10am!" Did you back up that file to the network? IT calmly asks. "No, I did not!" engineer replies. IT had to explain that the hard drive may be dead and it will have to go off-site to be recovered missing the 10am deadline. "At that point, her eyes rolled back in her head and her knees buckled and she slid to the ground. I had to pick her up off the floor while she began moaning 'Nooooooooooo!'


An Internet marketer will pay a $US900,000 fine, the largest ever on spam-related charges, in a consent decree announced last week by the US Federal Trade Commission. Jumpstart Technologies violated the US CAN-SPAM Act by disguising its commercial e-mail messages as personal messages and by misleading consumers about the terms and conditions of its promotions to collect information.

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