Protegrity buys OmniSecure for database security wares

Database security vendor Protegrity has bought OmniSecure, a database security company that can add the ability to protect unstructured data to Protegrity's list of capabilities.

The deal, for an undisclosed amount, also brings Protegrity customers in Asia and the Pacific, places where the company was not as strong as elsewhere.

Protegrity has a 12-month plan for integrating five key OmniSecure technologies into the Protegrity product lines, according to Protegrity CEO Gordon Rapkin. OmniSecure's file protection software will be brought into Protegrity's administration software to make it easier to deploy, disseminate and audit. Similarly, its encryption key management will be brought into Protegrity's management platform.

The user interfaces for both companies' products will be integrated, and OmniSecure's software for Unix will be ported to Windows. Protegrity will also integrate its Watchdog feature into OmniSecure products. Watchdog monitors whether application are still running and if not restarts them.

Protegrity makes the Defiance Suite, a set of three software platforms. Defiance TMS is a threat management system for Web applications; Defiance DPS protects data at rest in databases, servers, etc.; and Defiance Enterprise is an integrated management and reporting environment.

OmniSecure makes VPDisk Pro, software that encrypts data on Unix servers and desktops that can also run on Windows machines with the help of Samba. It manages and stores encryption keys and can separate access privileges that enable viewing data from administrative privileges that allow administering files and applications.

It also makes HTTProtect, software based on VPDisk and customized to protect Web servers. The company makes a version for ISPs as well. And OmniSecure makes IProtect, software that protects valuable intellectual property by encrypting it and making it unreadable to anyone who doesn't have the proper keys.

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