IT manager is reluctant to buy the helpdesk new phones that support Caller ID. "He explained he would have trouble justifying the expense to the finance manager, who continually berated the helpdesk as unresponsive," reports IT on the scene. "I countered by forwarding several voicemail messages left for the helpdesk. He recognized the voice on one message as the finance manager. The message: 'This @#$%! isn't working. Call me right away!' The helpdesk got the new phones."

Greens leader Bob Brown is pushing hi-tech boundaries and adopting podcasting techniques to update his Web site. Using the new technology Senator Brown can send a message on his mobile telephone to an Internet voicemail service. This is uploaded on his Web site and sent out to subscribers who automatically receive the new "BobCast" allowing people to get a Greens point of view as events unfold.


User calls IT asking for her password to be reset. IT gives her the new password, but user replies, "How can I use the password when the ID won't work?" What do you mean it won't work? asks IT. User: "When I type in my ID and hit Enter, I get a screen that says 'invalid username'. So if the computer doesn't like my username, then how will it like my password?"

Frantic new sales guy grabs IT as he walks by and asks why the printers don't work. "He showed me the problem printout, which had been unceremoniously discarded in the trash," IT says. IT asked which pages were missing. 'All the even pages,' sales guy said. IT took the pages out of the salesman's hands, flipped them over, handed them back -- and asked, 'Now what pages are missing?'


The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has slapped an unusually heavy fine on McAfee for inflating its revenues during the dotcom era. The SEC stated that between 1998 and 2000 specifically, McAfee overstated its revenues by $US622 million, and that for 1998 alone revenues were hiked 131 percent, or $562 million. In order to settle the embarrassing episode quickly, the company has agreed to stump up $50 million as punishment for the misstatements, though it has not admitted to the charges in a formal way.

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