Demo show unveils Krugle, Google for developers

Opening day of Demo 06 turned the spotlight on open source with three companies leveraging the collaborative and community nature of the model to bring developers and users closer together.

Krugle presented a specialized search engine designed for developers to help them find and assemble code rather reinventing the wheel and writing code from scratch.

"We are the Google for programming code," said Steve Larsen, CEO.

Developers are able to use Krugle to either search for keywords or they can actually drop code into the search bar.

Krugle finds source code files and, because the search engine also understands the language the source code was written in, it preserves the structure of the code rather than just presenting a string of hard to read text, said Larsen.

The search engine also allows developers to download documentation and information on licensing and the operating environment in order to help a developer decide if the code is right for a particular project.

All data relating to the source code can be aggregated under a single, personal URL which the developer can send around to colleagues working on the project.

Jitterbit, a company that describes itself as an open source integration company, allows companies to use Web services as a tool to integrate and or download data from other sites.

For example, a retailer strategy might be to sell its products at 5 percent less than Amazon. The Jitterbit tool creates a Web service to track designated products, download Amazon pricing data on the appropriate products, upload the data to the retailer's site, and change pricing according to the 5 percent business rule.

IPswap is a software marketplace that lets developers meet customers. Built around participation, the site includes five areas: iBuy, iWant, iBuild, iSell, and iCan.

Each category runs the range from customers looking for solutions to developers selling solutions and everything in between.

The site also allows potential customers to see ratings of developers from members and from other developers. The community rates the performance of solutions.

The site includes areas for resolving payment issues as well as creating a royalty fee if the solution is a commercial product rather than a solution that will be kept in-house.

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