Nyxem virus infections minimal

Casualties from the latest virus dubbed Nyxem, BlackWorm or Karma Sutra in Australia have been surprisingly low, with Sophos Australia reporting only one infection from the virus.

And that was two weeks ago.

Similarly, Internet Security Systems can only report a small number of infections, and of those that have become infected, the majority are in India, according to Internet Security Systems technical services manager Steve Reddock.

Reddock said he has not heard of anyone in Australia that has become infected so far.

"In the Asia Pacific region most infections have been in India ... I have already heard reports of one company in India whose corporate network shows the incorrect date and they have lost a lot of files," Reddock said.

"The reason they were infected is because by the time they updated their anti-virus signatures they already had their anti-virus systems disabled, a trait of this virus.

"I don't know how much thought went into designing this virus but it certainly created an atmosphere of fear. The destructive variant was first seen on January 21, the virus slept for a week and had a lot of time to spread - I am not sure what the designers were trying to achieve, but it certainly had a fear factor."

Reddock added there is no excuse for any company or person to become infected by the virus and directed his boot firmly towards signature-based anti virus tools, stating almost all of the mainstream anti-virus tools did miss catching the virus.

Sophos senior technical consultant Sean Richmond said they have only received on report of the infection, and that was dealt with through their support department two weeks ago.

"If you are that worried about this virus then you also have good reason to worry about the other 2300 viruses we have seen this month," Richmond said.

"Our customers seem not to be worried about infections and in Australia, most of the e-mail spreads have stopped because they are detectible, and Australians are in the good habit of not clicking on unknown attachments.

"There is not much happening - the only thing is a lot of noise and e-mail traffic."

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