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Resolve® drives productivity for Nissan

  • 27 January, 2006 12:20

<p>Nissan Australia has been able to support a doubling in vehicle sales, streamline its dealer services system and make significant efficiency gains using the Resolve low-cost customer care system from Australian developer, Beethoven Computer Services.</p>
<p>Previously operating two different systems to support its dealers and customers, Nissan is using Resolve® to centralise these services and greatly improve the productivity of its national service department team – dealer response times have been reduced from 90 minutes to 20 and the production of reports takes only minutes instead of months.</p>
<p>Nissan's national service department supports around 220 dealers and receives upwards of 100 customer calls each day. Until the Resolve implementation, servicing both dealers (through the technical line whereby Nissan advises them on various procedures) and customers was completely phone-driven, involving at least three calls back and forth between the different parties before a resolution was reached.</p>
<p>“We wanted one package which would do it all,” explained Bryan McNabb, Service Technical Quality Manager, Nissan Australia. “Before, we had two systems with nothing in common and they weren’t especially user-friendly. It was extremely difficult to swap between the two, with each using different keys for different functions.”</p>
<p>Now, due to the depth of capability within Resolve, Nissan is able to use just one system to manage product inquiries from dealers and service inquiries from customers. Nissan’s dealers can access the system via the Web, while both the customer service and technical line teams operate using Resolve internally.</p>
<p>“It was also an issue of productivity – we were completely reliant on the phone which was simply taking too much time,” McNabb said. “By moving to the new system, we’ve been able to reduce the average dealer response time from 1.5 hours to 20 minutes because all the necessary information is recorded from the outset, meaning we don’t need to go back to them repeatedly to check things.”</p>
<p>Additionally, while reports looking at the main issues being experienced in the department were generated on a monthly basis, these neglected to cover anything from the customer service side because it was too hard to incorporate that information. Now, aside from the productivity gains - Nissan has doubled its vehicle sales since 2001 without expanding its service team - the department can manage its own reporting and make the necessary changes to the system, instead of relying on IS.</p>
<p>“Not only can we can run reports on the fly, but we can tweak the system to suit our changing needs,” continued McNabb. “It used to take two or three months to generate these reports or make any modifications; now we can do it in two or three minutes.”</p>
<p>The ease-of-use (Resolve operates on a Windows-based system as opposed to a mainframe) as well as the issues coding offered by Beethoven’s products, were two of the main selling points for Nissan.</p>
<p>“Resolve allows us to put in as many issue codes for each contact as we need,” said McNabb. “This means no matter what a customer or dealer needs, we can act on each job simultaneously and keep track of the status of each.”</p>
<p>Before selecting Resolve, Nissan had developed some additional systems in-house using Lotus and Outlook but these still proved time consuming as all the information still had to be transferred from the PC systems to the mainframe in order to log a job with either the dealer or the customer.</p>
<p>“The mainframe is our core hardware and we’ll never get rid of it,” McNabb says. “The great thing about Resolve, however, is that it has been integrated with our Amdahl mainframe so can talk to it directly, allowing us to alter our system as needed simply by pressing a button.”</p>
<p>Based on the scalability and flexibility of Resolve, Nissan plans to expand its customer care system to include warranty functions. The New Zealand arm of Nissan has recently moved its customer and dealer operations to Resolve and is running the system from the Melbourne server.</p>
<p>McNabb says Beethoven quickly grasped the requirements of Nissan and smoothly executed the project within four months.</p>
<p>“We’ve gone through the biggest change and are now just fine tuning the system,” he said.</p>
<p>About Beethoven
Australian software development company Beethoven Computer Services has been helping clients improve their customer service since 1994. Using its software Resolve®, Beethoven helps Australian government organisations and corporate businesses manage complaints, queries and requests for information from first contact through to resolution.</p>
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