Fresh eyes to greet

Australia's premier annual Linux geek-fest 2006 kicks off next week, albeit in different surroundings - the University of Otago in Dunedin, New Zealand.

Taking the conference across the Tasman has many benefits according spokesperson James Purser.

"It is also important to note the distributed virtual nature of working in Open Source," he said.

"For many people attending this conference it is an opportunity to meet with colleagues in the real world and share ideas and experiences that will further their collaborations online."

Like last year's conference in Canberra, the show will again play host to Free and Open Source Software bigwigs including Andrew Tridgell of Samba fame, Linux International's Jon "maddog" Hall, Ubuntu founder Mark Shuttleworth, PHP founder Rasmus Lerdorf, and HP's CTO for Open Source and Linux, Bdale Garbee.

Purser said having many of the same speakers from previous conferences works quite well as the conference is usually in a new place with a new audience. "As the conference is in New Zealand for the first time, many of these international popular speakers will have an almost completely fresh audience, which is good for everyone."

Purser said the oragnisers have put on a spread of speakers -- "some returning, some new to the conference, however all are guaranteed to entertain and inform."

The list of speakers can be found on the on the web site

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