CA to develop software for managing mobile device

Funambol, the mobile open source software company, has announced that CA has licensed Funambol's mobile application server for use in its products targeted at managing smart phone devices in the enterprise.

At its recent CA World user conference, CA previewed new management technologies under development that address the management of smart phones. "Enterprise IT organizations know that they have to do a better job of managing and securing the smart phones they are using to maximize the productivity of their mobile workforces," says Marc Camm, vice-president of smart phone solutions at CA. "By utilizing Funambol's standards-based mobile application server, CA will enable customers to manage and secure their smart phones in a common manner with their other enterprise assets - thereby simplifying operations and ensuring consistent implementation of management across the enterprise."

Funambol's mobile open source application server is the standard implementation of the OMA Device Management standard (popularly known as SyncML) that is designed to support a compatible environment for management of mobile phones, irrespective of handset vendor.

"The diversity of mobile handsets has increased the complexity of managing fleets of devices among networks," says Fabrizio Capobianco, CEO of Funambol. "Funambol's mobile open source software eases device management by allowing customers such as CA to provide a central, standardized and compatible environment for the devices and networks they support."

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