Fidelis updates network-based data leak prevention

Fidelis Security Systems Tuesday announced an upgrade to its data leakage prevention software that includes additional policy templates and new management features.

DataSafe, which Fidelis calls an 'extrusion prevention system,' is designed to block the unauthorized transfer of sensitive or regulated data across network channels including e-mail, HTTP, FTP, instant messaging, and peer-to-peer, says director of marketing David Etue.

Instead of tracking who in an organization is granted access to certain data, DataSafe secures the information itself by analyzing content via statistics, pattern recognition, and exact matching, and then preventing sensitive data from leaving the organization.

In Version 3.8, the company has included templates that search for data related to the Department of Defense's data classification system and the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. The latter is a means of enforcing data security standards on businesses that process credit card information. Users can configure the templates to send out an alert when such sensitive information is about to be sent out of the organization, or prevent the data from leaving altogether, Etue says.

In this version, Fidelis has streamlined how alerts are assigned, researched, notated and closed. Version 3.8 also allows customers to add exceptions, or "white list" rules regarding information that can and cannot leave the organization, Etue adds.

DataSafe is priced at US$65,000 per sensor for the 32-bit sensor and US$95,000 for the 64-bit sensor. Most companies install between two and six sensors, Etue says. The management console is included free of charge.

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