Presenter at this technical seminar is about to start her high-tech demo when she realizes that the batteries in the remote control for her projector are dead. But that's not a problem. "The room was filled with network engineers and admins, who were quick to offer up the batteries from their pagers," says IT on the scene. "Not only was this a chance to show that chivalry isn't dead, but also to prevent any delay of the happy hour that followed the presentation."

Customer calls retailer to complain that she's getting an error on the company's Web site. "She wasn't able to remember the name of the error," IT reports. "Our service rep walked her through the steps to get a screenshot, but she said the Print Screen key wasn't doing anything when she pressed it. But five minutes later, we received a fax from this customer. She had hand-drawn, in colour, her screen, complete with programs in the task bar, a very detailed system tray, and even the clock!"


Too many IT consultants equals complexity. There was one on site last week having trouble using a printer. The IT manager was called in for assistance, but couldn't figure it out. He called the operations manager who called the CIO to work out the issue. The CIO put some paper in the printer and it worked fine.

User: "Hi, I'm trying to access our company intranet from home. Why can't I get to my division's home page?" IT: Are you dialling directly into our network? User: "I'm using my outside account." IT: That explains it -- our intranet prevents outsiders from getting in. Panic-stricken user: "I'm not an outsider -- I've worked here for five years!"


IT manager is being shown the hardware for a system recently deployed on time and under budget. Has it been thoroughly tested in every aspect, he asks. "The development team all nodded in the affirmative," says IT on the scene. "At which point, he bent over and pulled the power plug on the UPS. Almost instantly, pagers were going off as the UPS and the server shut down. The problem: no one thought to purchase a battery for the UPS!"

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