Letter: Telstra e-mails back

I can't let Rodney Gedda's article, Telstra solves e-mail storage with delete pass without complaint - it is a mish mash of bias, unjustified assumptions, and factual errors.

He says Telstra's notoriously problematic e-mail infrastructure is not scalable (this is an assumption and is wrong).

Rodney says we sent an e-mail to BigPond members, but it was Telstra.com users to remind them their e-mails would be deleted if their messages were more than 120 days old. We advised customers of this in August.

Rodney claimed our storage systems are not scalable enough, this is untrue.

There was one paragraph in his story that was true when he said: "For customers needing to keep e-mail messages longer than 120 days, Telstra recommends either storing them by moving them to the 'New Folder' folder in WebMail or using "an e-mail application like Microsoft Outlook to download them to your computer".

Rodney went on to claim that Google offered a free alternative. It's not free because Google fund it with a business plan based on advertising. The reason we don't offer long term storage is because it's a delivery system, not a storage system.

Telstra.com WebMail is offered as convenience to customers, while other "free" e-mail services are funded through advertising revenue.

Craig Middleton
Corporate affairs manager
Telstra Sydney

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