InfoVista upgrades server performance software

InfoVista this week made available upgrades to its server capacity management software that the company says can now provide IT managers with an enterprise-wide view of server utilization and performance.

VistaInsight for Servers 2.0 has been enhanced to give IT managers a view of server capacity usage across an enterprise network. For example, the software can show IT managers how applications consume server resources, but measure CPU, memory and availability.

For Jean-Marc Berthier, manager, IT Metrology, Natexis Banques Populaires in Paris, France, InfoVista's software provides him a way to calculate how to better "balance server load between over-used and under-used servers." In the past, he says his staff used multiple tools to "manage server performance, depending on the technology or the business units involved," but by using VistaInsight for Servers 2.0, he can gain visibility into "which server resources are used by which applications."

VistaInsight for Servers 2.0 is installed on a server and it automatically discovers the servers in the infrastructure to measure their utilization. The software can also group servers based on a technology, such as Oracle, for example. The enhanced software, InfoVista says, can help IT managers get an enterprise-wide view of the performance of servers and how well they support business applications and services. The software provides metrics, such as server CPU, memory and availability and can also measure application response time to help IT managers determine how well their server infrastructure responds to demand.

Also by monitoring the server utilization, InfoVista says VistaInsight for Servers 2.0 can help IT managers select good candidates for consolidation and virtualization. For Berthier, while it's too soon to tell what type of return on investment he will enjoy, he says the software currently helps him roll new applications out more quickly.

"It helps Natexis' IT organization to implement new applications much faster, as they can benefit from instant, relevant and real-time visibility on under-used resource that can then be allocated to new needs," he says. "Overall, this is expected to dramatically increase the utilization rate of the servers."

InfoVista says VistaInsight for Servers 2.0 competes with products from the likes of BMC Software, HP and IBM, as well as Systar. VistaInsight for Servers 2.0 is available now, with pricing starting at US$35,000 to $40,000, depending on the network.

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