After user's hard drive is replaced, she remembers a file that wasn't transferred to the new disk -- and it has information she needs. "She knew the old one went to a storage room full of drives," says IT on the scene. "But when she asked us to retrieve it, we did so in a few moments." Amazed user: How did you find my old drive so quickly in that hard-disk graveyard? IT: "We put your name on it."


VP of IT sends out an e-mail announcing a big IT meeting on Friday, and it's not hard to guess what it's about. "It was the end of the quarter, and we'd been through several reductions in workforce before," says IT working there. "So it didn't take a genius to figure out what the meeting was about. But the kicker was that, since the people who were being let go weren't going to be there anyway, they didn't receive the invitation to the meeting. All anyone had to do to figure out who was being let go was to check who was missing from the e-mail header." Redesigned Web site gets a new feature: a search box in the top right corner of every page. "Wanting some user feedback, I sent out a brief survey to the employees to have them try it out," says IT who built it. "One response: 'I like that you have a search button, but what is the blank box to the left of it for? Aren't you going to put something in there?' "


Boss confronts this small outfit's IT administrator in the parking lot and fires him on the spot. Next day, tech-savvy IT hears about the firing, and he's a little concerned. Did you get the admin passwords, and did you change them? IT asks. "Not to worry," boss says. "We took his keys when we fired him!" IT can't figure out why one supervisor loses her mainframe connection a few times each week. "We checked everything and even hooked up a sniffer," IT says. But a few weeks later, he's having lunch with a colleague from the helpdesk. "He asked if I remembered the supervisor that everyone despised," IT reports. "He said that, a couple of times a week, he would dump her connection -- just because he could. After that lunch, the problem mysteriously went away."

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