Diary of an IT pro on Planet Tech

God created the world in six days and on the seventh day he rested. But there has been little rest for the IT industry. Alas, we all know what they say about the wicked.

Putting aside the 1632 product releases that have occurred in the past week, it has been decidedly hectic. Harrowing, in fact. I'm figuring the diary of an IT pro would read something like this.

Monday: Assured of licensing revenue until the next millennium after detailing changes to its Software Assurance program, Microsoft announces a major reorganization. I'm guessing there were celebrations all round after calculating revenue targets once enterprise customers sign up to the new licensing regime. And they will sign up, because those who don't are denied access to the company's new operating system, Vista. Once the back-slapping came to an end, it seems there were plenty of promotions to hand out under the new restructure. Yep, presidents appointed for every new division. Make note to ask Microsoft account manager what the reorganization means for me.

Tuesday: Hewlett-Packard acquires Peregrine. More vendor consolidation, fewer choices. No big adjustment for us Aussies. Heck, we're used to too few options. We've got the big four banks, very few commercial TV stations and two major telcos. Let's keep it simple.

Wednesday: Oracle promises lifetime support for all applications. Translated into customer-speak that means no support problems until at least 2008 when the first set of Fusion apps are released. And really, two years could be described as a lifetime in the IT industry. Make mental note never to marry anyone with the name Oracle, or anyone with a name that sounds even remotely similar to Oracle. This person is likely to be a serious shopping addict. Not content with buying heaven and earth, Oracle has spent more than $13 billion acquiring companies in the past year alone. No mean feat.

Thursday: New KPMG research is released pointing to evidence that IT is often the scapegoat for poorly conceived projects that originate in the boardroom. Must remember to casually leave research on CEO's desk and to describe the "shocking revelations" as "astounding" when speaking to business colleagues. Practice look of horror in bathroom mirror before next senior executive meeting.

Friday: Eagerly awaiting day's end to depart Planet Tech where change is constant and the demands are never ending.

All this in only five days. Is it little wonder God blessed the seventh day and declared it holy, because it was the day when he ceased his work of creation.

All diary excerpts welcome. Send to sandra_rossi@idg.com.au

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