Word rage: I plead guilty to tech rage!

Although not on your list of most likely causes, my number-one (and almost always responsible) reason for taking out a tanty on the poor keyboard or mouse, is Microsoft Word.

Now I'll admit I'm a big Microsoft user, but there are times when I just feel like strapping Bill Gates down and...

Most common reason is Word's inability to handle graphics in a way that makes any sort of rational sense. The time I've wasted trying to make a small picture go where I want it to, and to have text just wrap around it like it does if you shift the picture 5mms one way or other, is absurd. Doesn't matter how much you check the settings are right, if Word doesn't want that picture precisely where you want it to go, you can either (a) go quietly nuts - or more likely loudly nuts, or (b) rewrite the text so it does wrap.

The other nasty is how Excel and Word seem to have had different programming teams, so don't even work the basics in the same way. You can shut down an individual Word document without shutting down any other documents it has open. Do that in Excel, and the lot shuts down regardless. Of course you go yeah yeah at the warning, click, then OMG! when you realize what you've just lost.

Makes me want to learn how to design Web sites, then make one up where you can get a Bill Gates caricature and subject it to whatever combinations of tortures appeal to your current level of aggravation...

Alan Kerlin
Goulburn NSW 2580

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