Laptop user calls IT support from the field. "She tried to turn her laptop on after having let it fall out of the overhead bin," IT says. "All she gets when she turns it on is a star screensaver." IT walks her through some troubleshooting, but nothing helps, so he tells her to ship it to him. "I get the package next day," says IT. "The LCD is smashed, right in the centre -- thus creating a starlike effect."


Patience is everything, sometimes. IT is troubleshooting a PC with a user and the PC vendor's support line on a conference call. IT explains that the PC is a fire hazard; when it was initially turned on, it started to smoke. Now it won't turn on at all. Vendor's tech: "OK, turn the machine on." IT: It will not turn on! Tech: "OK, turn the computer off."

User complains his laptop isn't working. IT checks it out and notices right away that it's not a company laptop. "The user said the laptop was one from home that he bought personally," sighs IT. "He liked it better, so he brought it into work to use."


How's this for a hot idea? This computer room is served by two air conditioning units, a primary and a backup, reports IT who works there. But after more servers are added, the backup starts being run at the same time as the primary to handle the extra heat. Then summer arrives, and suddenly both cooling units are overheating. What's wrong? "The compressors had been installed on the roof with their exhaust fans facing each other," sighs IT after investigating. "They were blowing hot air on each other."

When this user's hard drive dies, IT tells her it will take about 30 minutes to set her up with a new drive. "Maybe I should just drop this thing on the floor next time it doesn't work," user grumbles. "If you think that'll help," IT jokes. Fast-forward: "Today, I get a call," says IT. "Her computer wouldn't boot, so she dropped it on the floor. Somehow she managed to short out the power distribution for her whole line of 24 cubes. Now her supervisor wants to know why I would suggest something like this."

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