Coonan tells Telstra execs to stop whinging

Communications Minister Helen Coonan has told Telstra's new American executives to get on with the job and stop whinging about Australia's regulatory environment.

Coonan pointed to Telstra's recently posted profit of $4.4 billion, which is the biggest ever, as proof the telco was competitive.

The minister was responding to claims by Telstra executive Phil Burgess that the telco is being turned into a loser by being forced to provide services to the bush.

Burgess, who is American, was hired by Telstra CEO Sol Trujillo and is the second most powerful executive at the telco.

Coonan said Telstra's profit "shot Burgess' argument down in flames."

"Obviously Telstra, along with every other dominant telecommunication provider in the world, is feeling some pressure because of declining revenues that are returned from its fixed line network," she said.

"But it needs to be more competitive in other areas, in mobile delivery, in broadband and perhaps in other networks.

"It's very difficult to see how a company that's capable of posting that sort of profit could be regarded as a loser and it needs to be nimble, fast on its feet.

"This new American team needs to get on with the operational side of Telstra and stop complaining about the regulation."

Coonan said legislation to sell the government's remaining share of Telstra will go to parliament next week.

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