Cyberguard releases firewall VPN for SMBs

Cyberguard has a new firewall VPN appliance for small and midsize businesses.

Called SG560, the device has a 120M-bit/sec firewall and supports AES encryption at 35M bit/sec. It can provide up to 110 IPSec tunnels at a time. This is enough capacity to act as a hub VPN gateway connecting with either other VPN appliances or with individual PCs with IPSec VPN client software.

The device has five Ethernet ports. Two can be configured for broadband WAN access and connect to two different links, load balancing between the two when both lines are working and giving redundancy if one goes down. If both go down, the box can dial up an Internet connection.

Using three other Ethernet ports, the new box can separate traffic into three distinct network segments, creating security zones for different groups. A business could use one for connecting to an isolated network segment where, for example, Web servers are exposed to the Internet, or segregate workers' Internet traffic from that of visitors to keep visitors isolated from the corporate VPN.

Customers can reconfigure the five Ethernet ports if they want to. For example, if they don't have two WAN connections, they can convert the extra port to support a fourth security zone.

The device is meant for small offices of large businesses, and can be managed by CyberGuard's Global Command Center software so firewall and VPN policies can be set and managed centrally, making it easier to manage a large number of the appliances deployed in a corporate network.

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