High-level employee departs, and IT is tapped to back up his files to a CD in case they're needed. But IT can't find them on the network, and they're no longer on ex-employee's hard drive, either. "Not to worry," says IT after finally finding the files. "The responsible employee was very thorough at saving his data. To floppies. Fourteen years' worth!"

North and South Korea are connecting fibre-optic cable lines across their heavily fortified border to allow families separated since the Korean War to meet in video conferences. Workers from the two Koreas planned to meet at the southern side of the border last week to connect the cables running from Munsan in the South to Kaesong in the North, Unification Ministry spokeswoman Yang Jeong-Hwa said. Twenty families from each side will meet through the video circuit next month.

Users say the darndest things. Confused user calls help desk: "My floppy drive isn't working. Is the network down?"


Truck hits a power pole down the street, and pilot fish is working feverishly to shut down all the servers in the darkened building before the UPSs run down. As fish heads for the main computer room, a user from accounting asks, "Is the network still down?" Fish figures she's kidding, but she's not. Don't you know we just had a power outage? he asks. "Yes," she says, "but my laptop is still on. Why isn't the network? Don't you have it on battery?"


Sparks really did fly at the Gold Coast airport last week when a laptop sparked an air emergency. The smell from an airline passenger's overheated laptop created the problem which led to a pilot radioing ahead to have emergency services put on standby. "Cabin crew had noticed a slight electrical smell and advised the captain," said Virgin Blue spokeswoman Heather Jeffrey. But shortly before landing, one of the passengers told the crew he believed the smell was coming from his overheated laptop computer which had been put away. The plane landed without incident.

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