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Heng An Standard Life Go Live on DSTi's Investment Accounting Solutions, HiPortfolio/3, in China

  • 26 July, 2005 10:12

<p>SYDNEY, 26 July 2005 – DST International (DSTi), the leader in business solutions for the investment management industry, announced today that Heng An Standard Life, the joint venture between Standard Life and TEDA Investment Holding Corporation with a registered capital of RMB1.302 billion, have gone live with DSTi’s Investment Accounting Solutions – HiPortfolio/3 - for its investment management and accounting functions.</p>
<p>The system is multilingual, allowing each individual user to choose to view the system in Simplified Chinese or English. DSTi introduced this functionality in 2004 and it was developed out of the company’s Melbourne Research and Development Centre. DSTi has spent 18 months - 3000 man days of R&amp;D investment for China in order for its products to support the instrument behaviour unique to the Chinese market. Realising the need for local support, DSTi also opened an office that offers sales, consultancy and product support back in February 2003 to demonstrate its absolute commitment to the country.</p>
<p>Sean Lewis, Heng An Standard Life's chief accountant said, “We chose DSTi’s Investment Accounting Solutions for several reasons. We wanted the service to be of international standard, but it had to demonstrate the ability to handle the unique domestic Chinese requirements. It needed to also be future proof in terms of being able to meet the changing requirements of the China market and the readiness to handle complex instruments in the international market. We are pleased that we chose DSTi because of the professionalism of the consultants and that they were able to share their experience with our staff.</p>
<p>See Jong Toi, Heng An Standard Life's general manager said, “Whilst we have taken the strategic view of deploying systems with international standard, it was equally important to us that the vendor we choose must have a strong commitment to the China market. We chose DSTi because they are clearly committed to the Chinese market. They have set up a local office that includes the infrastructure to provide professional and support services in China. They invested R&amp;D for the China market on their own initiative, which is evident by the multilingual abilities of DSTi’s Investment Accounting Solution.</p>
<p>Ian Mathieson, DSTi’s CEO for Australia and New Zealand, said, “DSTi identified China as being a key market; this is why two years ago we made the crucial investments to make the business a success. We opened the office and searched for the right calibre of people to staff it. We also decided then to undertake the additional development necessary to make DSTi’s Investment Accounting Solution available in Simplified Chinese and modified its software to handle China’s tax and accounting and brokerage requirements. Combined, these things made the implementation of our solution into Heng An Standard Life simple and straightforward.”</p>
<p>About Heng An Standard Life
Heng An Standard Life is a joint venture between Standard Life and TEDA Investment Holding Corporation. Founded by The Standard Life Assurance Company and Tianjin TEDA Investment Holding Co., Ltd, Heng An Standard Life has headquarters in Tianjin and a registered capital of RMB1.302 billion.</p>
<p>About DST International (DSTi)
With 18 offices and over 1300 professionals to support its growing client base, DST International provides a unique and comprehensive range of investment management and work management software solutions and related services to 600 clients in 55 countries.</p>
<p>About DST Systems, Inc.</p>
<p>Our parent company, DST Systems, provides sophisticated information processing and computer software services and products that help clients improve productivity, increase efficiencies, and provide higher levels of customer service. DST is organised domestically and internationally into three operating segments: Financial Services, Customer Management, and Output Solutions. DST operates one of the most advanced data centres in the world, which provides information-processing services to support the products within each operating segment. These products are further enhanced through the integration of DST’s advanced technology and e-commerce solutions.</p>
<p>For more information please visit www.dstinternational or contact:</p>
<p>Cathryn van der Walt
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