IT is consolidating two branch locations into one, and on the day of the big move, gets a cell phone call. It's a sales guy from one of the branches, asking for permission to retrieve a file from the server. "No, that's not possible," says IT. Why not? "Because the server is disconnected." Well, can you reconnect it just for me? "No, that's not possible." Why not? "Because the server is in the back seat of the rental car I am currently driving to the new location."


Regional admin at this insurance company calls IT to complain that she has lost access to the adjuster management system. "She says she was able to access the system yesterday but can't log in today," IT says. "I go through the logs and determine that her ID has been deactivated - by her. When I ask her about it, she says that since she is an admin and not a real adjuster, she decided to deactivate her ID so that only adjusters are active in the system."

A NSW IT manager had a user request to restore an entire project from the backup. IT restored the project of about 100 files and went and showed the user where the restored files were located. IT then demonstrated how easily a lot of files can be deleted by accident. However, IT explained that there should be a pop-up asking if files are to be deleted. Then the user said "Oh, I hate that box. I was doing a bit of a clean up, and I did see that box a few times. It's really annoying, so I just clicked 'yes to all'." Oops.


"My Treo is not functioning. Please provide assistance when possible," user e-mails help desk. "I dropped it in a puddle," user admits. "I know you shouldn't get them wet, but I'm not sure why it no longer is working." IT can guess, though: the unit is so waterlogged there is water behind the LCD screen. "I wanted to say, 'Well, duh!' but didn't," says IT. "I just offered to replace the unit with a spare I had in stock. Sometimes it's best to keep the comments to yourself."

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