Netli accelerates Web services

Netli on Monday rolled out a new service designed to speed the delivery of Web-services traffic over the Internet.

NetLightning for Web Services is an application-specific optimization service that uses specialized protocols to avoid network latency and stop performance degradation of machine-to-machine communications. The Netli protocols include techniques for bandwidth management and loss and congestion control.

Through its global application delivery network of datacenters and Web servers, Netli provides managed services for application and Web-content delivery over the Internet. To leverage the service, no changes are required in the customer's application or infrastructure, said Gary Messiana, president and CEO of Netli.

Using application-aware technology, NetLightning for Web Services can separate machine-to-machine traffic from enterprise applications and apply resources to Web-services traffic. The service works with XML, SOAP, and other types of Web-services protocols, and ensures that Web-services data is either sent or received across the WAN efficiently, Netli said.

As more organizations move toward SOAs, there is a growing need to prevent latency for one Web-services application that is used in another geographically distant application, according to Netli officials.

Rather than speeding the delivery of Web content, NetLightning for Web Services "accelerates the machine-to-machine transactions behind the scenes," Messiana said.

Netli also announced on Monday an SLA for the delivery of application and content across its network. The NetLightning SLA applies to enterprises using the NetLightning managed service for application delivery over the Internet. The SLA guarantees to cut in half the time it takes an enterprise's end-users to complete a transaction or download content, according to Netli.

Distinguishing itself from traditional SLAs that addressed packet delivery and backbone performance, NetLightning SLA promises to guarantee LAN response times over the WAN, Messiana said.

"Netli is now providing SLAs at the business outcome layer, not at the packet layer," Messiana said.

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