Secretary inherits a large electronic mailing address list to use and calls IT for help. "She wanted to have it sorted by name to make it easier to find duplicates and so forth," says IT. "I said sure, just send me the file. An hour later, a stack of 200-plus pages arrived by interoffice mail. She had printed each address on the list on its own page for me to sort."

Part of this ATM network goes down one night because a component failed, and IT is amazed to learn that the manager won't swap in the spare to restore service. "She decided instead to wait until morning, when a service call by the vendor would be covered under contract," IT grumbles. "When asked why she didn't authorize the spare to be used, she said she didn't want to be left without a spare."


Frustrating. System Admin arrives home one afternoon to discover that her water service has been disconnected for nonpayment. But I paid the bill online, admin tells clerk at the water company. "Oh," says sympathetic clerk. "Well, our system has issues. It may show on our Web site and at your bank that you've made the payment, but it doesn't always show in our records. We recommend that if you choose to pay online, you should call us to tell us you did that."

At a meeting at this mobile phone service provider, tech is going into detail about the importance of core fibre cabling capacity to meet the growing demand of the mobile network. But baffled marketing guy interrupts: "Cables? Cables? We're wireless, guys!"


Google knows that click fraud is rampant in its pay-per-click advertising program and hasn't seriously attempted to prevent this practice of individuals clicking on ads with malicious intent, according to advertiser Click Defense which has filed a lawsuit. Click Defense claims it was the victim of click fraud when it advertised on Google's AdWords program earlier this year, and has filed a lawsuit alleging breach of contract, negligence, unjust enrichment and unfair business practices.

Google believes the lawsuit is without merit, although Click Defence is seeking more than $10 million in damages.

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