IT gets a new PC monitor and notices a high-pitched sound. He calls a tech over, but the tech can't figure it out because he can't hear it. They call in the vendor's tech, who can't hear it either. "It kept bothering me until one day our building had an electricity failure," IT says. "All went dead. We sat in a very quiet and dark building. That was when I realized I continued hearing the ringing sound -- and I went for a hearing test." IT at this oil refinery is busy doing a software installation in the server room when the safety inspector arrives. But IT isn't worried: everything's buttoned down, and the inspector doesn't find any safety violations. Finally, inspector turns to IT and informs him, "When you're working on this equipment, a hard hat should be worn." A hard hat? He just had to find something!


IT manager is being shown the hardware for a system recently deployed on time and under budget. Has it been thoroughly tested in every aspect, he asks. "The development team all nodded in the affirmative," says IT on the scene. "At which point, he bent over and pulled the power plug on the UPS. Almost instantly, pagers were going off as the UPS and the server shut down. The problem: no one thought to purchase a battery for the UPS!"

User calls help desk to complain that her computer started making a loud beeping noise soon after it was turned on. "I asked the user to turn the computer off, which she did," says helpdesk. "But she complained that the computer was still making the loud noise. She was so distressed that I decided to walk over to her building to assist her. But when I got to her office, she wasn't there. In fact, the entire building was deserted. The loud noise she heard was the fire alarm."


Gone, but not forsaken: abandonware, that's computer software that is no longer sold or supported by its publisher - has made it into the Collins English Dictionary (seventh edition). But that doesn't mean it's free; Wikipedia warns that, unless the abandoned software has been put in the public domain, it's still covered by copyright.

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