Appliance promises easier Linux server management

Users faced with the task of rolling out a new Linux server farm may want to give Levanta's new Intrepid M product a tryout.

The product is a hardware appliance that runs Linux server setup and management software, allowing users to control settings and configurations of multiple Linux boxes from a single point. The product also allows users to set up new Linux servers or upgrade Linux operating system versions and applications across a network.

The device uses a template-based approach to server setup, allowing users to create server profiles with specific configuration settings and groups of applications that can be pushed down to multiple machines. This takes the legwork out of visiting dozens of machines to manually install software via CD, or by pulling software down off of a network drive, the company says.

In addition to server operating system and software setups, the Levanta Intrepid M box can also help monitor servers through consolidated event logs and track changes made to operating systems and applications.

While it is nice to see a product like Levanta's concentrate solely on Linux, this might also be impractical for many enterprise server admins, as few organizations run only one kind of operating system in the server room. This shortcoming is pointed out in a news article on the Intrepid M launch by my colleague Denise Dubie (see story link below).

But if Linux-only is your thing - maybe you run cages of rack-mounted Linux boxes, or even an all-Linux blade chassis - the Intrepid M might make sense. The box starts at $US7,500.

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