This IT shop is improving its processes, and IT leader is training software developers in the new estimation procedure. "I indicated that while we have a procedure to follow and a template to document their estimates, sometimes they have to use judgment to know what and when to estimate," IT reports. Trainee's response: "Well, how do we know when to use judgment? Is that documented anywhere?"

IT Support gets a call from a user with PC problems. From the user's description, fish suspects memory troubles. He grabs some spare memory so that when he gets to the user's desk, he's ready to test it on the spot. "I was in the process of disconnecting the CPU from the monitor and keyboard so I could open it," IT reports. "The impatient user said, 'Since you're working on that part, why don't you connect the monitor for me so I can continue working?'"


Company Web site stops responding, and when IT pings the servers, they don't respond either, so he heads for the server room. "It was 34 C degrees inside," IT says. "Servers were shutting down, humidity was through the roof, stuff was shorting out -- utter chaos. Climate control had failed spectacularly, which puzzled us, as the system was supposed to phone an alert to the network admin if the temp got over 24C degrees." When IT hunts down netadmin, he tells IT the alert system does work. "It's been going off several times a night for months now, waking him up in the middle of the night," groans IT. "To solve the issue, he shut off the alert system."


As soon as IT support arrives at boss's office, boss tears into IT for failing to keep the PCs running properly. When the rant finally ends, IT asks what the problem is. "The boss explains that his CD drive isn't working," IT reports. "I open up the CD drive, turn the disk over and put it back in. Boss's comment: 'At least you're learning from your mistakes.' "Can you believe this guy?!

The days of escaping mobile phone calls during flights will soon be over. Chatting on a mobile phone, surfing the Net and watching video-on-demand will soon all become part of the standard flying experience, even in economy class with airlines implementing these services over the next year.

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