Web hosting company is upgrading its primary Internet link, so administrator notifies customers that everything will be offline for two hours. Frantic client calls: "I need you to put a 'temporarily unavailable' page up for us, as you have done in the past." That was during minor upgrades, IT explains patiently. This time is different -- with the Internet disconnected, users won't be able to get to our servers at all. "Exactly!" says frantic client. "That's why we need the 'site unavailable' page even more!"

PC goes bad, so IT support shifts user for a few days to the cubicle of someone who's on vacation. Next morning, IT gets a frantic call: User says his mouse has exploded! "It hadn't so much exploded as it had kind of melted," IT reports when he sees it. "It spent the night on the desk owner's USB-powered coffee-warming hot plate -- which the user had mistaken for a mouse pad."


This tipster writes that a staff member in his company's IT department registered online for the recent Cebit conference. In the field which asks registrants for their position, he wrote 'doggy style' thinking it wouldn't really matter. Incredibly, his name badge for the conference arrived a week later and in large type listed his position as doggy style much to the amusement of his colleagues. Fortunately, he was out of the country the week of the conference and was unable to attend.


Sex sites will soon be able to sign up for Web addresses in the .xxx Internet domain, not that a virtual red light district will guarantee we can avoid pornography online. The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers is moving ahead with plans to set up a separate .xxx Internet domain for sexually explicit material. Pornography accounts for more than 10 percent of online traffic and there are more than one million porn Web sites.

Israeli police have uncovered a massive industrial spying ring that is alleged to have used Trojan software to snoop into some of the country's leading companies. A report in the English-language Haaretz newspaper said the Trojan was used to spy on immediate business rivals with a high degree of success and the creators of the Trojan, a husband and wife team, have been arrested.

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