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Alcatel consortium launches BT Fusion

  • 17 June, 2005 12:45

<p>Paris, 17 June 2005 — Alcatel (Paris: CGEP.PA and NYSE: ALA) today announced that the consortium, which it leads, has successfully launched BT’s groundbreaking fixed-mobile telephony service. BT Fusion previously known as “Project Bluephone” has been launched to the consumer and SoHo market after widespread and successful pilot trials.</p>
<p>Alcatel leads a consortium that includes Ericsson, Inventel, IVT, Lucent, and Motorola and provided solutions integration to BT in the months leading to the launch of what is Europe’s first fully converged fixed-mobile telephony service. BT Fusion provides consumers with a single cordless handset capable of routing calls and data over BT’s fixed line broadband network when they are at home, but switches seamlessly over a Vodafone mobile network when they are out of the home.</p>
<p>As Prime Contractor to the consortium, Alcatel drew on its global services integration expertise to act as project manager and to unite all consortium members behind a smooth roll out and implementation. This included extensive development and integration work in BT labs, as well as interoperability testing between the consortium vendors.</p>
<p>The BT Fusion solution provides a fixed-mobile telephony service to consumers, where the same handset can be used to call over fixed (broadband) or mobile (GSM) networks. The service uses the UMA standard, which has now been formally released and accepted into the 3GPP standards group for generic radio access. UMA allows BT to carry GSM signalling and telephone calls over the public Internet using DSL access, with a Bluetooth interface. BT Fusion will be technology agnostic and in time, will work across other standards including WiFi and SIP.</p>
<p>“BT is today launching easy to use converged services and is a benchmark reference for successful innovation in the industry”, said Jacques Dunogue, Executive Vice President for Alcatel. “Bringing together the solutions of the consortium members as project manager and service integrator has been an invigorating and challenging opportunity for Alcatel. We are proud to have been part of this far-reaching program”.</p>
<p>Alcatel becomes a founding partner of the “Connect the World” initiative launched by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU)</p>
<p>Paris, 17 June 2005 — Confirming its commitment to bridge the digital divide and following the signature of the UN Global Compact in 2003, Alcatel (Paris: CGEP.PA and NYSE: ALA) announced that it becomes a founding partner of the “Connect the World” initiative launched today by the ITU secretary general Mr. Yoshio Utsumi, together with other partners including leading international companies, international organisations and government agencies.</p>
<p>“Connect the World” initiative is a global multi-stakeholder effort established within the context of the forthcoming World Summit on Information Society (WSIS) in Tunis (November 2005) to consolidate and scale up existing development-oriented connectivity projects and stimulate new initiatives to achieve the goal of connecting all communities to Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) by 2015 in support of the UN Millennium Development Goals (MDG).</p>
<p>Connect the world initiative will focus on three key areas of activity, which are considered to be the primary “building blocks” required to reach the goal of connecting all communities by 2015: (i) enabling environment, (ii) infrastructure and readiness, and (iii) application and services. Alcatel will contribute with concrete actions realised under its “Digital Bridge” initiative to the last two building blocks.</p>
<p>The “Digital Bridge” Initiative is based on clearly identified local needs, this approach consists of partnering with local players, associations and other stakeholders, to propose solutions that combine, technologies, services and financing. This Initiative is part of Alcatel’s Sustainable Development strategy.</p>
<p>“ITU is glad to welcome Alcatel as a founding partner of the “Connect the World” initiative declared Mr. Yoshio Utsumi secretary general of ITU. He added that “it is important to remember, that it’s not ICTs that will solve the problem of the digital divide, it’s people and especially people working in partnership. So while Connect the World is about harnessing the power of ICTs, it’s also about harnessing the power of people working together in partnership”.</p>
<p>Commenting on Alcatel joining the “Connect the World” initiative, Mr. Serge Tchuruk, Chairman and CEO of Alcatel, stated, “Alcatel believes that its “Digital Bridge” Initiative is a long term endeavour that is both strategic for the growth of its business in developing economies and improves the economic and social well-being of the concerned populations”. He added, “This is a true win-win approach”.</p>
<p>About ITU</p>
<p>ITU, headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland is the leading international organisation within the United Nations system for information and communication technology issues and the global focal point for governments and the private sector to coordinate telecom networks and services.</p>
<p>About Alcatel</p>
<p>Alcatel provides communications solutions to telecommunication carriers, Internet service providers and enterprises for delivery of voice, data and video applications to their customers or to their employees. Alcatel leverages its leading position in fixed and mobile broadband networks, applications and services to bring value to its customers in the framework of a broadband world. With sales of EURO 12.3 billion in 2004, Alcatel operates in more than 130 countries. For more information, visit Alcatel on the Internet:</p>
<p>About Alcatel “Digital Bridge” Initiative</p>
<p>Based on clearly identified local needs, Alcatel” Digital Bridge Initiative” consists of partnering with local players, associations and other stakeholders, to propose solutions that combine technologies, services and financing. The goal is to shrink the digital divide, while creating strong added value regionally. For more information, visit Alcatel on the Internet:</p>

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