System operator decides to try out a new application's systemwide "message of the day" feature. "He enters an off-colour, inappropriate message," says IT. "He laughs at his clever wit -- then realizes the application's developers have not provided any means to change the message. It takes until midmorning to get the proper application programmer to wipe the offensive message, but not before it comes up on every PC user's screen as they log in that day."

Qantas domestic passengers will be able to use their mobile phones after their flight has landed and before takeoff under a relaxation of flight rules.

Previously, all mobiles and PDAs had to remain switched off until passengers disembarked.

Engineer gets an e-mail from sales which contains a copy of a fax enquiry from a customer. Is there a way of telling from this message what the customer's fax number is, so I can reply that way? he asks IT. "Naturally," says IT. "All I had to do was call the originating sales guy to get the fax number, and then pass it along to the engineer -- who is now even more amazed at the technical genius of the IT department.


Sysadmin gets 3:30am call from user who can't log into his system. Sysadmin is baffled by user's problem -- until he realizes it's not one of his systems. "Turns out he worked for another company," sysadmin says. "But he'd heard from a friend how good a tech-support guy I am, so he called me instead of his support guys."

This bakery has just opened a small balcony lunch area, and the cashier proudly tells customer IT about the new computer system as he takes IT's order. "He said that it sent the order right downstairs to the kitchen, where they would prepare our meal and send it up," IT says. "After selecting our order from the computer screen, he leaned over the balcony and yelled, 'That's two Cokes.' The software just said 'soft drinks'."


Malaysia is moving to block access to Internet pornography. Deputy Prime Minister Najib Razak said action was being taken after news reports that Malaysians could access 1.5 million sex sites. The restrictions will apply to government, education and local industry.

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