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Toshiba launches three new premium notebooks

  • 02 June, 2005 14:22

<p>Sydney, 01 June 2005 – Celebrating the 20th anniversary of the release of the world’s first industry-standard notebook computer, Toshiba (Australia) Pty. Limited, Information Systems Division (ISD) has introduced three new models: the Portégé R200 and Libretto U10, two of the smallest and lightest notebooks available; and the Tecra M4, a high-end tablet PC. All of these premium-release models include Toshiba EasyGuard, a new suite of hardware and software tools that provide data security, system protection and connectivity to notebook PCs.</p>
<p>Portégé R200 – for those who can never be too thin</p>
<p>One of the world’s thinnest and lightest full-size notebooks on the market, the Portégé R200 measures 9.9 mm in height and weighs 1.29 kilograms. In order to meet the needs of the mobile executive, it has a battery life of four hours and 40 minutes, made possible through the inclusion of an Intel Pentium M Ultra Low Voltage processor and specially-developed low-power enhancements. It also features a ruggedised magnesium alloy casing for style and protection of the notebook, and a full range of expansion capabilities and connectivity options making it one of the most portable productivity devices available.</p>
<p>Libretto U10 – good things do come in small packages</p>
<p>The Libretto U10 marks the reintroduction of Toshiba’s ‘miniaturised’ fully-functional notebook PC range, the Libretto. At 210 x 165 mm (width x length) and less than a kilogram in weight (980 grams), the Libretto is roughly the size of an A5 notepad. Despite its size, Toshiba has included some of the Qosmio AV-note multimedia functions into the Libretto U10, in order to appeal to people wanting to watch DVDs or play games whilst on-the-go, as well as mobile executives looking for a fully functional but very small computer. These multimedia features include:</p>
<p>- A TruBrite widescreen display with LED backlighting;</p>
<p>- A quick boot function to enable people to immediately watch DVDs or play CDs without having to boot the computer via its operating system;</p>
<p>- A specially-designed DVD dock that features a DVD Super Multi drive (bundled as standard).</p>
<p>Both the Portégé R200 and the Libretto U10 have a full sized keyboard, and have been ergonomically designed.</p>
<p>Tecra M4 – the fastest, brightest tablet available</p>
<p>Toshiba has launched the Tecra M4 for business professionals looking for a ‘no compromise’ high-performance tablet PC that, through its pen-based computing, offers them a way to be more productive. It includes Intel’s newest mobile technology - a 2.13 Ghz Pentium M processor and Mobile Intel 915PM Express chipset, an 80GB HDD, and a nVidia 128 Mb graphics card to offer fast and crisp resolution of 3D video, graphics and other imagery. The large 14.1” screen offers 1400 x 1050 resolution, with a 145 dpi ratio to allow more light to be transmitted for a clearer viewing experience. Toshiba has also included a thin protective polycarbonate panel to protect the screen whilst it is in use and provide users with a ‘natural’ writing experience.</p>
<p>The Tecra M4 includes a DVD SuperMulti double layer drive for reading and writing all types of DVD formats. The DVD SuperMulti drive uses the Slim SelectBay technology providing enhanced drive flexibility and maximum adaptability. The Slim Select Bay supports a number of different devices including second battery, second HDD or weight-saver that are swappable. It also includes a full range of connectivity options including wireless 801.11 a/b/g, two USB2 ports, to make it easy to share and save information between devices.</p>
<p>Toshiba ‘EasyGuard’ – Secure, Protect and Connect</p>
<p>Toshiba has equipped its new models with Toshiba EasyGuard, an advanced package of tools to enhance data security, system protection and ease connectivity. As part of the EasyGuard premium package, the new models include:</p>
<p>- A biometric fingerprint reader for user authentication and to get around the risk and irritation of a forgotten, shared or stolen password (featured on Libretto U10 and Portege R200);</p>
<p>- HDD protection across three axes that unloads the HDD head before it moves in the event of the notebook being dropped, preventing damage from shock or vibration. Toshiba is the only notebook vendor to include such technology over the three-axes motion;</p>
<p>- The protection of sensitive data, encryption and digital signatures to protect content and privacy through the inclusion of both hardware and software (Toshiba Trusted Platform Module);</p>
<p>- The inclusion of a software device lock that enables locking of devices to prevent unauthorised access and theft of data, as well as an external Kensington lock for physically protecting the notebook from attempted theft.</p>
<p>“From the day we brought the first notebook computer to market 20 years ago, we’ve worked to lead the industry in terms of innovation, user-centric design and functionality,” said Mark Whittard, general manager: Toshiba ISD. “With these three models, we have looked to step up another rung, both in terms of the portability of fully functional computers, and the safety and security of mobile devices. These new models will both take a place next to Toshiba’s other highly differentiated machines like the Qosmio.”</p>
<p>“We’ve come a long way since some of the early predictions that a notebook would only have niche applications. Today, with flexible working becoming more mainstream and people looking for high-quality multimedia devices that they can transport easily and use when travelling, the notebook is more pervasive than many anticipated early on,” he said.</p>
<p>Pricing and availability</p>
<p>The Libretto U10 is available exclusively from Harvey Norman until late July whilst the Portégé R200 and Tecra M4 are available from Toshiba’s authorised resellers and distributors. The RRP (including GST) of the models is as follows:</p>
<p>- Libretto U10 with a bundled DVD SuperMulti dock: $3,450;</p>
<p>- Portégé R200: $3,520;</p>
<p>- Tecra M4: $4,950.</p>
<p>For more information, visit or call the Toshiba Sales Centre on 13 30 70.</p>
<p>About Toshiba</p>
<p>Toshiba’s ISD is a division of Toshiba (Australia) Pty Limited, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Toshiba Corporation, the seventh largest integrated manufacturer of electric and electronic equipment, with around 165,000 employees worldwide, and annual sales of over US$47billion on a consolidated basis.</p>
<p>Australian mobile computing market leader, Toshiba ISD is unique among vendors, specialising exclusively in mobile solutions and services. A global reputation for quality has been achieved through an R&amp;D budget roughly equal to Australia’s total expenditure as a country in this area.</p>
<p>Since it pioneered the notebook market in 1985, Toshiba ISD has sold more than 1.25 million notebooks in Australia and New Zealand and is this year celebrating its 20th anniversary of providing market leading mobile computing solutions.</p>
<p>Toshiba’s Pressroom:</p>

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