Alleged Anna Kournikova worm author steps forward

The alleged creator of the Anna Kournikova worm said Monday's moderately fast-spreading program was never intended for malicious purposes and that users caught red-handed by its e-mail launching payload should accept personal blame for the trouble it has caused.

Using the name OnTheFly, the author posted a statement Tuesday on the Web to address several "e-mails from newspapers and news channels" and to set the record straight about the Visual Basic Script-laced e-mail that forced the precautionary, and in some cases necessary, shutdown of numerous e-mail systems.

In the statement, the alleged program author, who seems to be based near or in the Netherlands according to the posting, said the worm was made with a Visual Basic Worm Generator.

The statement continues, "I'd like to say that I never wanted to harm the people who opened the attachment. But after all, it's their own fault they got infected with the Anna Kournikova virus, OnTheFly virus, or watever they call it."

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