Her Caller ID is wrong, new hire tells IT. "Since I had set her up initially, I knew everything was working correctly, so I went up to see her," IT says. "She pointed to the display on her phone and told me that her name wasn't Mario, it was Sarah. I explained that 'Mario' was actually the date -- Mar 10. All her new colleagues now call her Mario."


Office admin prints out a 200-page colour document for a meeting with a prospective client. But plans change, the meeting is shifted to another office, and the admin needs to get the document there. "To save $15 for overnight shipping, she prints the document over a VPN connection to a remote colour printer," reports a sysadmin. "But that printer is leased -- we pay 25 cents per colour print. So by saving $15, she incurred $50 in printing costs."

Remote user's computer comes back from central IT's repair shop. Before, it had a problem; now it won't start up at all, user tells help desk. "I asked him what was the computer doing, and while he was explaining it, the other phone line beeped in," says IT. "When I answered it, the technician who had worked on that computer was calling -- to tell me he forgot to put the hard drive back into the computer before he sent it to the remote user."


Dell is once again ramping up its operations in India now that corporate customers have stopped complaining about the technical support they were receiving from contact centres in that country. In late 2003 Dell was forced to stop routing some technical calls from corporate customers to India after receiving complaints about poor quality of service. But now that these problems have cooled Dell is moving quickly to once again expand its Indian call centre and software development operations. Last week the company's CEO Kevin Rollins announced plans to increase staff numbers from 8000 to 10,000 by year's end.

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