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Siemon connectors put an end to corroded cabling in harsh environments

  • 10 May, 2005 10:27

<p>SYDNEY, May 10. Installing cabling systems in harsh environments where moisture, vibration or high temperatures are common, is fraught with difficulties. Copper or fibre connectors that will provide years of service in a normal office environment fall prey to corrosion, transmission problems and ultimate failure, causing frustrating and costly problems for the user.</p>
<p>The Siemon Company has developed a tough connector to tackle the difficulties faced by locations where dust, chemicals, vibration or water are prevalent, such as manufacturing plants, hospitals, laboratories and oil rigs or more temporary commercial applications such as building sites, trade shows and even outdoor concerts!</p>
<p>The Siemon RJ-45 plug and outlet design has a protective bayonet style outer housing, which provides excellent resistance to moisture and liquids. The product design also resists the damaging effects of vibration by maintaining the plug’s position to the outlet. With an IP67 rating (indicating its ability to protect against dust and temporary immersion in water), the RJ-45 is also aligned with current industry standards initiatives.</p>
<p>Most connectivity products are manufactured to tolerate temperatures of between –10oC and 60 oC, typical of office and light industrial environments. However, it is common in harsh environments for temperatures to spike outside of or exceed this range for a long period of time. This expanded temperature range causes transmission failure and reliability issues.</p>
<p>Similarly, exposing connectivity products to extreme vibration or corrosive gases or liquids has very damaging effects. Oil, gas and chemicals eat away at the outside connector housing, plug and jack metal contacts and cable jackets. With extreme vibration, the problem is caused by the contacts in a modular plug wearing against the pins until the pins become pitted at the contact point. If moisture then penetrates, corrosion results.</p>
<p>For environments with high levels of electromagnetic interference, Siemon is also able to offer a screened version of the connector, which gives additional protection to ensure the integrity of data signals. Ideal for locations where manufacturing equipment or electrical pathways are close to data pathways, the screened cable and connecting hardware also has high screening effectiveness and low transfer impediments, to shield the data cable.</p>
<p>Siemon”s Technical Services Manager, Brad Duce, says: “The attraction of the Siemon RJ-45 connector lies in its flexibility. It expands the overall operational temperature range by over 50%, reduces the damaging effects of vibration, incorporates materials which are resistant to chemicals and provides protection against moisture from humidity or direct contact.</p>
<p>“Above all, it makes transferring data from the harshest industrial, marine or medical environment straightforward and reliable, without any of the major maintenance and corrective actions or investment in expensive custom made solutions which in the past, have stood firmly in the way.”</p>
<p>The Siemon Company -</p>
<p>Siemon, founded in the USA in 1903, is a proven global technology leader in the design and manufacture of standards-based structured cabling systems and components.</p>
<p>Headquartered in Watertown, Connecticut, Siemon today has 20 offices in 12 countries. Its EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) regional headquarters are located in Woking in Surrey, UK.</p>
<p>Siemon’s structured cabling systems include the full range of Cat 5e to proposed Cat 7 copper connectivity solutions as well as fibre optics alongside a full offering of supporting passive technology. It provides individually tailored turn-key installations for multi-site and multinational customers in retail, commercial, industrial, government and residential markets.</p>
<p>The company is also a world leader in research and development of cabling technology and is an active participant in current and future international cabling standard setting bodies.</p>
<p>Siemon holds ISO9001, 9002 and 14001 accreditation and its Certified Installer Training Course attracts points towards BICSI RCDD accreditation.</p>
<p>Alana Patton
The Siemon Company
(02) 8977 7500</p>
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