WiMax revolution is around the corner

WiMax is set to create a wireless mobile revolution between 2008 and 2010, according to telecommunications analyst Paul Budde.

Releasing a report into the wireless broadband market, Budde said full commercial deployment of WiMax will commence next year.

"The longer it takes for incumbents to roll out true broadband networks (10Mb/s-plus) the more chance wireless broadband such as WiMax and meshed WiFi has of securing a position in this market," he said.

To date the mobile market has mainly revolved around mobile calls and SMS. However this market is reaching the end of its life.

Budde said this is the new market of "mobility".

"This will further develop in an AI (artificial intelligence) network infrastructure, linked to personal devices, with high storage capacity and parallel processing," he said.

"Data will move freely around this wireless grid, which of course, will also be linked into the fixed network."

The report points out that the rejection of the UWB standard has thrown the merger of Bluetooth and UWB in disarray.

Nevertheless, Budde said the concept of Wireless personal Area Networks (WPANs) remains very strong.

Last week Neilson Media Research released a report claiming Vodafone will win a large share of customers who plan to switch networks in the next 12 months.

Vodafone Australia CEO Russell Hewitt said it's early days for Vodafone on 3G but positive signs are emerging on data usage with revenue increases of 31 per cent year on year.

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