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Scalability Testing Validates StayinFront’s Ability to Support 8,000 Remote Users Using a Single Unisys ES7000 Server

  • 23 February, 2005 15:39

<p>–The StayinFront Visual Elk® Synchronization Product Demonstrates High Performance, Efficient Use of Database Server –</p>
<p>StayinFront, a leading global provider of world-class enterprise-wide customer relationship management (CRM) applications, decision support tools and e-business systems, today revealed benchmark testing results that validate the performance and scalability of the StayinFront Visual Elk Synchronization System.</p>
<p>StayinFront Visual Elk is the Company’s flagship CRM solution and its Synchronization functionality ensures that current customer interaction information is available whenever needed, regardless of geographic or corporate location. StayinFront Visual Elk Synchronization enables remote sales professionals to electronically update customer data from field locations, making certain the latest data is entered into the corporate enterprise databases.</p>
<p>The scalability testing used a single hardware environment, specifically the Unisys ES7000 server with Microsoft® SQL Server 2000 and Microsoft® Datacenter Server 2003. Conducted at StayinFront’s corporate data centre, it used transaction levels derived from “real life” pharmaceutical CRM interactions and matched the expected daily input of 8,000 remote users.</p>
<p>Thomas R. Buckley, Chief Executive Officer of StayinFront, said, “There’s an ever-growing number of devices, touchpoints and data sources involved in the typical CRM implementation, necessitating superior scalability and data synchronization. In our global economy where real-time business decisions require rapid access to real-time data, StayinFront has once again proven its ability to scale and synchronize in a daily scenario that involves thousands of users and hundreds of thousands of transactions on only one hardware platform.”</p>
<p>Andrew Campbell, Managing Director of StayinFront Group Australia Pty Ltd, said “This benchmark will give our clients confidence that no matter how large they grow, StayinFront will continue to be able to support them.”</p>
<p>A recent Gartner report, dated January 12, 2005, underscores the importance of synchronization on a central server platform. It adds that multiple solutions on multiple platforms create duplicate and alternative views of the same data. Buckley continued, “While other CRM vendors tout their scalability, companies need to look under the hood, as often they’re quoting test results that involved multiple hardware platforms. StayinFront has consistently demonstrated its ability to deliver the scalability and synchronization results needed in the enterprise without the costs of additional hardware infrastructure and data quality problems created by managing those multiple hardware investments.”</p>
<p>To request a copy of the StayinFront Visual Elk Synchronization white paper please visit the StayinFront web site at or call 800-422-4520.</p>
<p>About StayinFront Visual Elk
StayinFront Visual Elk is designed to provide a single CRM platform that can manage and integrate all points of customer interaction including sales, marketing, customer support applications and the Web. StayinFront Visual Elk is a highly configurable, cost-effective, enterprise-wide solution. The unique Object-Oriented data models utilized in StayinFront Visual Elk allow an exact fit CRM system to be configured for use with an existing business structure without costly and time-consuming programming code. The system can be seamlessly delivered through multiple applications simultaneously; across a network, via the Web or through a remote, disconnected field force, giving maximum flexibility to the corporation as technology and business needs change.</p>
<p>About StayinFront Visual Elk Synchronization
StayinFront Synchronization ensures that up-to-date customer information is available wherever it is needed, regardless of geographical or corporate location. StayinFront Synchronization allows remote sales professionals to exchange up-to-date customer information while in the field and maintains the currency of all StayinFront Visual Elk corporate databases within an enterprise. This enables corporate managers and sales professionals to share a wide range of information. This may include documents, plans, meeting notes, schedules, forecasts and any other customer based information configured in a StayinFront Visual Elk system. To reduce the on-going cost of running a client management system, a full suite of support modules is incorporated within StayinFront Synchronization.</p>
<p>About StayinFront, Inc.
StayinFront, Inc. is a leading global provider of world-class enterprise-wide customer relationship management (CRM) applications, decision support tools and eBusiness systems. StayinFront's family of products includes StayinFront Visual Elk, the company's flagship CRM software; StayinFront Panorama, a powerful stand-alone or integrated data analysis and decision support tool; StayinFront Web Works, an eBusiness configuration technology; StayinFront Pocket Elk, a fully-featured CRM system for the Microsoft Pocket PC platform based devices, and Industry Add-ins and Solution Add-ins for specific business management needs.</p>
<p>StayinFront offers a rapidly configured and implemented solution to manage and integrate all points of customer interaction including sales, marketing, customer support applications and the Web. Among the analysts following our company and products is Dale Hagemeyer of Gartner, Inc.</p>
<p>Headquartered in Fairfield, New Jersey, StayinFront has offices in Illinois, Maine, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Australia, Singapore and New Zealand. The company can be contacted via the Web at</p>
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For further information please contact:
Andrew Campbell StayinFront 02 9900 1100
Shuna Boyd BoydPR 02 9418 8100</p>
<p>Note to editors: Visual Elk and Panorama are registered trademarks of StayinFront, Inc. Pocket Elk, Web Works, Active Elk and StayinFront are trademarks of StayinFront, Inc. All other trademarks are owned by their respective companies.</p>

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