User: "I forgot my ID to log into the network." IT support: no problem, sir -- it's just your name. User: "How do you mean?" IT: your ID is your first initial plus your last name, up to a maximum of eight characters. User: "But how did I spell it?"

This laser printer suffers lots of paper jams and appears to be in pretty rough shape, so it's scheduled for replacement. "Of course, before the replacement was ready, we were called, once again, to fix a paper jam," says IT on the scene. This time we must have asked the correct troubleshooting question, says IT, because the user's response was, 'No matter how hard I hit it, it still won't work.'

User gets a new, flat-screen monitor, and his old CRT is being handed down for use with another machine. But he's not happy. "As the tech was taking the monitor to its new home, the user insisted that the monitor be 'reformatted'," says IT watching it all. "He was concerned that people using the monitor would be able to see what had been on his screen."


It took the US government seven years to complete a report on Internet traffic. The $1 million study called "Signposts in Cyberspace" was requested by Congress back in 1998 during the Internet boom. The National Research Council, which was given nine months to complete the report, finally published its findings a few weeks ago - two presidential administrations later and years after the implosion of the Internet economy. Contributors to the report said that when the project began it seemed important but interest has faded in recent years waiting for the results.


Queensland Premier Peter Beattie reckons his hard-line stance on accessing pornography in the workplace is achieving results.

So far in 2004/05, 16 public servants had been found accessing pornography on their work computers, "plummetting" from 57 in 2003/04, he said, adding that seven out of the 16 public servants caught were sacked or disciplined, three resigned and five are still under investigation.

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