Sygate toughens up LAN security

Sygate Technologies is unveiling this week the latest revision of Secure Enterprise (SSE), its host-based security product that locks down end points by monitoring for policy compliance. Although the core focus of the product remains the same -- those hoping to see an interface change will be disappointed -- version 4.0 has added some interesting features since we the previous version.

One new addition lets clients monitor the network for intruders in near real time and report back to the Sygate Management Server. Called the LAN Sensor, this capability turns every machine running Sygate agent software into a nosy neighbor, monitoring the network for rogue and unauthorized machines, even behind subnets. Sygate is touting its LAN Enforcer component heavily in this new version, seemingly as a challenge to the Network Admission Control (NAC) component of Cisco's Self-Defending Network Initiative. LAN Enforcer adds policy-compliance capabilities to 802.1X (or port-based) authentication, allowing SSE to act as a RADIUS proxy for switches and access points that support 802.1X. Based on this authentication information, LAN Enforcer can then allow or restrict access, or deny network resources to clients accessing the enterprise network.

Sygate has made enhancements to its Host Integrity Agents also, namely expanding the scope of the agent software to integrate with third-party firewalls. This is a nice addition to the anti-virus integration of earlier versions. The SSE agent has also been fortified to withstand application hijacking. Uninstalling the client agent from a workstation now requires a password, and the software will even challenge an administrator who tries to stop the agent service when it's running.

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