CA offers free critical threat alerts

In an effort to provide up-to-date information regarding the latest threats affecting today's environments, Computer Associates International (CA) says that it is now offering free e-mail alerts regarding critical viruses and vulnerabilities.

Critical threat alerts, says the company, notify recipients that a virus or vulnerability has reached a critical or dangerous level, and require immediate action to mitigate and protect critical assets.

Critical threat alerts are one of many new improvements to the new CA Security Advisor Web site, the company notes. CA Security Advisor, formerly known as the Threat Information Center, now, in addition, offers the Threat Dashboard and RSS Threat Feeds, says the company.

It says that the Threat Dashboard provides a Web-based feed of critical threat information, allowing organisations to display the latest CA Security Advisor alerts on their Web site. According to the company, the RSS Threat Feeds allow individual users who have installed a news reader (also called news aggregators), to continuously access updated threat news on their desktop.

Both functionalities, CA says, provide additional means for organisations to receive security intelligence in the marketplace.

According to CA the critical threat alerts are powered by the CA Security Advisory Team, formerly known as eTrust TARGET.

CA claims that CA Security Advisor is the first, single-source destination for detailed and validated information regarding computing threats, including malware and vulnerabilities -- providing the latest information regarding threats that can affect networks and computing environments.

The company notes that CA Security Advisor offers systems and security administrators:

-- Immediate critical threat e-mail notifications;

-- 24x7x365 research and analysis on the latest security threats;

-- SECCON, a real-time global security indicator, providing the security threat risk status;

-- Expert security advice and descriptions of threats including risk, impacts, affected versions, distribution methods, detection signature files, validated recommendations and instructions for fixing the problem, and clean-up utilities;

-- CA Security Advisor Threat Alerts including free critical e-mail alerts, the Threat Dashboard, and RSS Threat Feeds;

-- Valuable documentation and guides on implementing complete threat protection solutions, and the latest security threat news and information.

To sign up for free critical threat alerts, visit

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