HP delivers all-in-one archive and retrieval solution

Hewlett-Packard (HP) has announced an all-in-one archive and retrieval solution for storing, indexing and rapidly retrieving reference information.

The HP StorageWorks Reference Information Storage System (RISS) is a high-performance solution that aims to simplify long-term data management, reduces costs and addresses growing regulatory and retention requirements. It is also said to be HP’s first system based on an innovative “storage grid” architecture, which will enable information services delivery and adapt to changing business needs.

In industries such as financial services and healthcare, information managers are concerned with driving down the cost and complexity of long-term data storage, meeting business and regulatory requirements for data retention, and finding ways to unlock the value of stored information. The HP StorageWorks RISS solution is designed to meet these demands by offering an all-in-one solution for storing, indexing and rapidly retrieving reference information.

Unlike competing offerings that require integration of numerous hardware and software components by the customer or a third-party, RISS is said to be pre-integrated with partner technologies, and to include support and services to deliver a complete ILM solution for active archiving and rapid retrieval of e-mail and other common data types.

HP StorageWorks RISS is also said to be the first solution to use an innovative, standards-based “storage grid” architecture. This aims to enable storage services -- such as archival and retrieval today, as well as other capabilities to be introduced later -- to be delivered across a massively scalable, centrally managed system.

The HP StorageWorks RISS solution is an open, integrated and scalable archiving appliance complete with HP’s RISS design and integration services. The architecture is extensible to many applications, with the future delivery of a software development kit for RISS that takes advantage of open standards for rapid integration with today’s enterprise applications and data types. The services provide hardware and software design, retention policy and business rules consulting, integration into the customer’s existing messaging environment, and legacy document import capabilities.

RISS support services are bundled for the first year and include next-day hardware support, phone software support and a licence to use. Optional support services are also available to meet individual business needs.

The storage grid architecture on which the RISS solution is built, divides storage, indexing, search and retrieval tasks across a distinct set of computing nodes, or storage “smart cells”, the company says. Each storage smart cell consists of a low-cost, high-density computing device and onboard storage. The storage smart cells are completely self-contained, with a dedicated processor, search engine, database, index and management layer, HP concludes.

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