Radware adds to acceleration software

Radware is updating the software for its CertainT 100 SSL accelerator with a version that compresses Web traffic to and from servers to improve response times.

These devices sit between Web servers and the Internet, intercepting requests to the servers and handling processing that would otherwise bog down the servers themselves. They also make the interactions between the servers and remote computers more efficient.

The software multiplexes incoming HTTP and HTTP-S requests to servers so the servers have fewer sessions to set up and tear down. It also compresses the data it sends back to remote machines, making responses quicker to these machines, especially those connected to the Internet by a low-speed connection.

Before, CertainT 100 handled SSL processing for servers, but didn't multiplex sessions or compress traffic.

The compression boosts the number of remote computers a single server-side Internet connection can handle at once, because each response requires less bandwidth, the company says.

The company is also announcing the availability of a compression card for CertainT 100 that offloads the compression from the box's CPU.

The CertainT 100 costs US$9,000, and the card costs $6,500. The software is a free upgrade for customers with a service contract, and it ships standard with new purchases.

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