Look closer at sniper claims

I have been aware of this RFID sniper story for some weeks and am mortified that anyone credible would take it seriously. The Applied digital systems Verichip featured is first of all a glass-encapsulated, standard issue, read-only RFID chip about the size of a long grain of rice with a maximum transmission range of about a metre when energized by a scanner in close proximity. The chip is of the same type of RFID used for pets and livestock identification and repackaged for human ID by the Verichip Corporation of Florida, US.

It certainly is not intended for or robust enough to survive being fired as a high-speed projectile. With its one-metre transmission range of what possible purpose could it serve in surveillance? My assumption upon visiting the Web site was that it was either a student prank or, less likely, a real scam. I believe the people behind this are students at the Royal Academy Of Architects. Either way don't be so gullible ... April fools is over. The ridiculous claims of painless (ever been shot with a BB gun?) should have tipped you off as well as other tongue-in-cheek references within the Web site. I suggest you take a closer look.. Good luck.

PS: The Verichip is also absolutely NOT a GPS enabled chip. Call the company!

Ed Meyrowitz
US (by e-mail)

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