Concerns about Pivotal ad

Concern about ad

I enjoy reading Computerworld, usually while in my office eating a quick lunch, and was taking time today to catch up on a few back issues.

I am motivated to e-mail you for the first time after seeing the Pivotal advertisement on page 23 of the April 19 issue.

We are all exposed by the news media to a daily diet of war death and mutilation, destruction, starvation and poverty around the world.

But the Pivotal Corporation appears to have reached a new low in advertising with its photo of an amputee. It simply reeks of extreme bad taste.

I am surprised that it was published.

Pamela Campbell
Manager information services
City of Gosnells WA

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I wanted to add my name to what I'm sure is a growing list of people who thought the Pivotal Corporation advertisement (CW April 19 2004, p23) was in very poor taste (or disgraceful to put it bluntly). It is a shame Computerworld even accepted it for publishing.

It would have been better for your company to print a full page apology to readers if it was seriously worried about offending readers rather than trying to justify its use (Letter, CW May 3 2004, p18).

We as management/IT professionals have seen enough marketing messages without needing them explained to us – without using shock tactics to sell its products/services.

Brand recognition doesn't translate to sales.

Rob Phillips

Pivotal Corp responded to similar criticism in CW May 3, saying the ad, with the photo, from a reputable image bank, was designed to portray adaptability; the company apologized for any offence the ad caused. – Ed

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