New CIO arrives and promptly starts laying off people in the data centre. "On Black Monday, colleagues I'd worked with for years got a phone call and 10 minutes later were shown the door," says admin. But one 25-year vet survives when the boss shows his hit list to an IT manager. "You might want to reconsider this one," manager says. "He's the chief security system administrator. If you fire him, there will be no one to suspend the IDs of the other workers."

After paying $10 a day for broadband access at this hotel, IT discovers there's no cable -- it costs an extra $5 a day. "So I did what any good IT person would: I scrounged around for one," he says. "I noticed that the TV in the room also had a video game console and some other features. One of the little boxes in the back was attached via a 30cm piece of Cat 5 cable. Bingo! Instant access, thanks to the 'generous' hotel amenities."


Sales manager gets a virus-infected e-mail on his laptop, and it's flagged by antivirus software. "But because he's so busy -- and doesn't want to take the time to get the virus problem resolved on his computer -- he forwards the message to his assistant and asks her to take care of it," sighs IT. "Thus corrupting her computer as well as his."


Queensland Labor MP Ronan Lee has dismissed rumours he was planning to defect to the Greens after a computer hacker hijacked his name on the Internet.

Lee rejected the rumours after it was discovered the domain name "" automatically redirected people to the Queensland Greens site. The 28-year-old politician said he had no idea who was behind the scam. "There is obviously another Ronan Lee who clearly must support the Greens," said Lee, who had supported recent landclearing legislation. The site is registered to someone by the name of Cosmic Nick, the same person behind a similar scam involving Queensland Premier Peter Beattie. During the recent state election people typing in the words were redirected to the Nationals' official Web site.

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