More Hidden Treasures

Ah, you don't know how close to the mark you are! (A job of hidden treasures CW March 22, p18).

I just took over the IT manager role at an unnamed organization and just about everything you mentioned rings true.

Years and years of ad hoc and band-aid approaches to infrastructure development have left the place in a bit of a mess. Thankfully, we just got an all-new server infrastructure recently.

You also forgot to mention the lack of any real documentation about what services are running on the servers, where all the missing passwords are, why the current passwords are kept in a folder on someone's desk, and why there seems to be no real change management policy.

Actually its not all that bad, but I have to say I am happy that at least there aren't continual fires to fight whilst we get all of the above in order.

Matt (by e-mail)
(name and address supplied)

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