Mydoom worm and variant take over the Internet

The Mydoom computer virus that spreads using e-mail messages is breaking records for new infections set by the last major e-mail worm, Sobig.F, according to leading antivirus software companies and e-mail security firms.

Infected e-mail messages carrying the Mydoom virus, also known as "Shimgapi" and "Novarg," have been intercepted from over 142 countries and now account for one in every 12 e-mail messages. The virus is designed to launch a distributed denial of service attack on SCO on February 1.

A new version of the Mydoom e-mail worm has also been detected circulating on the Internet and targeting Microsoft.

For the full story on the outbreak of the Mydoom worm, check out the Computerworld article here.

For more on the Mydoom variant, go to the latest Computerworld report here

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