Job seekers want respect

Nobody expects you to be able to hire everyone you interview for an IT position, but applicants expect companies to do a better job interacting with them. notes that job searching can be frustrating and demeaning because employers generally do a poor job filling positions, which is also a common complaint I've heard from Network World readers.

"When someone takes the time and trouble to apply for a job, they expect to be treated with respect, not ignored or mistreated - which happens often," says Tony Lee of, the Wall Street Journal's executive career site. "Although rejecting all but one applicant is part of the process, employers should be cautious in how they communicate with potential new hires. No one wants to feel abandoned or humiliated in the employment process."

As a hiring manager, work with your HR department to improve job candidates' interactions with your company. recommends taking the following steps:

  • After you fill a position, send a brief e-mail notice to each applicant so they can cross the potential opening off their lists instead of waiting by the phone.

  • Write postings that make sense for jobs that actually exist, rather than using a brief or general job description, no company name, and a fax number for resume submissions.

  • Give applicants who are enthusiastic about the opportunity the ability to call your office and talk with someone knowledgeable about the position.

  • Don't make candidates retype their resume line for line in online applications. Allow them to attach their resumes and cover letters electronically.

  • Instruct your security guards and receptionists with steps to follow if a job seeker arrives without an appointment. Even if you can't let him in or send someone to meet with the job seeker, ask for copies of the person's resume.

  • Treat job seekers with respect and dignity.

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