Web development tool gets Linux boost

Innoopract on Tuesday will ship a version of its W4T (Worldwide Web Windowing Toolkit) Eclipse Plug-In development tool that adds Linux as a development platform.

Previously, the product only supported development on Windows but interfaces developed with it could be deployed on Linux. The product works with the Eclipse IDE to enable visual development of Web interfaces with Java. The new release, Version 1.8, also features a JavaScript calendar, for choosing dates on a Web site, and performance improvements.

Innoopract is filling a niche in the marketplace: visual development for Linux, said Jochen Krause, president of Innoopract. "As more people move to Linux, it becomes a major shortcoming," he said.

"Very few tools for visual development on Linux exist," he said.

The product outputs JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.

Developers can use the plug-in with Eclipse 3.0 to build the presentation layer of Java server applications Commercial developer and runtime licenses for W4T Eclipse Plug-In can be purchased for US$129 per developer license and $199 to $2,999 for each runtime license, depending on the number of required sessions.

The company plans to add official support for the JavaServer Faces Web application development standard this summer, although the product already can perform the functions enabled by the standard, Krause said.

More information on the company is available at: http://www.innoopract.com/

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