Kids didn't do it, silly

As a long time reader (and fairly recent subscriber) of Computerworld Australia, let me make a comment which your journalists (and editors) should take note of.

In the March 1, 2004 issue p18-19: Poor, pitiful IBM - by Tom Yager. Tom refers to Linux as an OS written by a gang of kids.

While Linux is not my personal favourite OS, I'm going to take offence that Tom expects his readers (ie, me) to believe that Linux is an OS written by kids.

Any decent IT manager/administrator knows the history of the creation of Linux. (Even kids probably know it as well, these days.)

It's offensive to me for Tom to use this wording. It's not only NOT accurate, but darn misleading (except to those of us who know more than Tom - it seems).

Come on Computerworld, if you're going to report on Linux then get the facts correct!

I don't read/subscribe to hear this kind of silly reporting.

Daniel Adamson
IT Systems administrator
Mercator Lighting Pty Ltd

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