Bandwidth costs, not OSes, batter TCO

I read with interest your article on hosting costs between Linux and Windows (CW March 15, P9). It is interesting that you had quotes from Ozhosting as we used to be with them for our hosting when we used Windows, but they are far from competitively priced in the Linux world. This would explain why they have so much of their business in Windows. The other issue with TCO with hosting is the additional costs of SQL server verses MySQL or similar. Once you include this, Linux becomes significantly better value.

We operate a few large Web sites including Ozlifestyle ( the largest and second most popular Japanese language guide to Australia. It includes features such as full screen VHS quality videos to cater for the high performance ADSL they have as standard in Japan. It costs 80 percent less to have this hosted in the US than in Australia. The cost of bandwidth between the US and Australia is greatest difference in TCO, not the operating system.

Craig Fryer
Mi Marketing Pty Ltd

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