Four or five times a year, this single, attractive female user tearfully asks sysadmin first thing in the morning to reset all her passwords. IT always does it, and the user leaves smiling. But IT can't understand why she's so upset about a simple password reset -- until he finally mentions it to someone else in the office. "Her co-worker explained that she usually used her boyfriend's name as a password," IT says, "and would want to change it when she had been dumped."

This user just can't remember her password. "She would forget it between Friday and Monday morning," says IT support. "She would call and say she couldn't log in. I would ask, What is your password? She invariably replied, 'I forgot'. So I made her password iforgot. When she called up the next Monday I asked her what her password was. She replied, 'I forgot'. And that was the end of my problem."


IT gathers staff at this remote office for a first-ever company-wide conference call that's been in planning for weeks. But after 30 minutes of waiting for HQ to call, IT dials corporate to learn that the meeting is in progress. They're supposed to call us so we can be part of it, IT tells receptionist. "I don't know how they're going to call you," receptionist says. "That meeting room doesn't have a phone."


Keyboards, computer mice and telephone dials are more infested with microbes than toilet seats, according to a University of Arizona study. The study recommends that office workstations be regularly disinfected since they can on average contain 400 times as many germs as a toilet seat, said Charles Gerba, a University of Arizona microbiologist.

EBay halted an auction last week and suspended a Taiwanese user who allegedly tried to sell three Vietnamese girls on the Internet site for a starting bid of $US5400 ($7341). The auction on eBay's Taiwan site did not include a detailed description of the goods for sale but said the "items" were from Vietnam and would be "shipped to Taiwan only". The site included five photos of three people, two of the girls looked to be in their early teens. Vietnamese activists groups in Australia and the US noticed the listing as early as March 5 and began sending e-mails to women's rights and immigrant advocates around the world.

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